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Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, and the Highest Caliber Defense Litigation in the Industry

Our boutique ligation and transactional firm is unique and we like that. At the Law Offices of Heather L. Burke, our team values legal excellence and creativity in all our endeavors, and we strive to set the industry standard for ethical and principled representation. We work to imbue these values in our clients as well.

When you retain our offices, you are not just getting a lawyer: you are creating a team of proven industry leaders who can problem solve and strategize in exciting and creative ways, each of whom are dedicated to seeing you succeed.

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Are you seeking a local permit or state license?

At the Law Offices of Heather L. Burke, compliance with California law and client safety is our supreme objective. Our next highest objective is to see our clients thrive.

Our team constantly strives to improve our knowledge of California cannabis law, and the office’s vibrant litigation practice allows the staff to hone this understanding in fresh and inspired ways. We strongly advocate a “safety first” approach, perfecting legal and environmental compliance in a proprietary and forward-thinking manner.

Permitting, Licensing, and Regulatory Compliance

Develop a Next-Level Legal Action Plan to Secure and Maintain Licensure.

  • Symbiotic Business Strategies, Cooperatives, and Co-Branding
  • Comprehensive Permit/Licensing Preparation and Advocacy
  • Business Formation Analysis and Inspired Operations Development
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Legal Consultations

Get up-to-date legal analysis in a private attorney-client privileged setting.

  • Learn the most recent legal updates regarding local, state, and federal cannabis law.
  • Begin to formulate your legal action plan and common-sense strategy for the future.
  • Understand how to protect yourself during the transition out of cannabis prohibition and into reasonable regulation.
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Clinics and Small Group Trainings

Learn the most recent legal updates in a small group setting.

  • Our office hosts a small group Cannabis Clinic for those interested in current California law. Call for our next available Clinic date.
  • Would your team benefit from a legal update training? We can help.
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Code Compliance and Ordinance Defense

Learn how to comply with your local Code now.

  • How do I handle a law enforcement request for inspection?
  • I received a citation and/or a fine. What now?
  • I want to come into compliance with my local Code. Help!
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Cannabis Crime Defense

Have you been arrested or charged with a Cannabis Crime in state or federal court?

  • The Law Offices of Heather L. Burke has extensive experience in canna-crime defense.
  • If you have been arrested or charged with a cannabis crime in California, do not wait. Please call today.
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Compliance with California law and client safety is our supreme objective.

Starting or maintaining a California canna-business is an undeniably complicated undertaking, and engaging the right attorney is one of the most critical steps you can take in this new era. You will need an attorney that can give you logical advice about California’s quickly-changing and fast-paced legal landscape so that you can make informed decisions, and move forward with wisdom.

The Law Offices of Heather L. Burke sets the standard for top notch lawyers in this field. Come see why!

  • "Heather is fully and completely committed to showing up for what is right. She's compassionate and intelligent and resourceful and willing and funny. What more could we ask for in an attorney in her line of work, at this juncture? Thanks for being a Rock Star, Ms.Burke."


  • "Love this woman ...10 stars ...she has gone far beyond her duties as a lawyer and has been a crusader in the rights of patients ... What a blessing it is to have her in this community."


  • "Nobody knows the law about MMJ better than Heather and her staff."


  • "Heather is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate and competent legal advocates for medical cannabis providers in California. Nevada County is fortunate to have her here!"



Heather Burke Esq.

Lead Attorney


Sarah Smale

Paralegal Extraordinaire


Sarah T.

Executive Assistant

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