November 2017

Welcome to David Frankel, our new corporate attorney!

Hello all!

Now that Fall is upon us and we’ve had a chance to catch our breath from another busy year, I am pleased to finally and properly introduce the experienced Cannabis business lawyer, David Frankel, who joined our firm as a Senior Counsel in my office. His bio can be found here:

David’s career includes many keystone legal efforts in the Cannabis field:

1. First and foremost, David has represented Cannabis patient collectives since 1997, which gives him the most experience in California cannabis law of any attorney in Nevada County, with over 2 decades of focused practice! (I think its safe to say that we’re a powerhouse team.)

2. He was Woody Harrelson’s hemp lawyer for 10 years and in that role, he negotiated, documented, and closed complex investment transactions in the hemp industry in US and and in Canada. (You’ll have to ask him to bust out a Woody story when you meet him. He’s got some good ones!)

3. He was instrumental in the seminal cases of HIA v DEA I and HIA v DEA II which successfully challenged the DEA’s illegal ban on hemp foods and oils that contain naturally occurring THC.

4. He’s worked for almost 20 year against the DEA and US Department of Justice on behalf of Lakota hemp farmer Alex White Plume in which their legal team recently prevailed in getting Alex freed to work in the Cannabis field(s) – pun intended (US v White Plume), as described in the PBS documentary Standing Silent Nation. (Link here:

5. David accompanied musician and activist Michael Franti on a humanitarian trip to the Middle East which was the subject of Franti’s documentary, I Know I’m Not Alone. While not a musician, David toured with Michael Franti and Spearhead to speak at their concerts, informing the public about medical marijuana in the early post-215 years. He appears on Franti’s album Stay Human as the voice of the activist (clip here:

6. He’s a Deadhead. (You know it matters.) 🙂

Now that our farmers are moving into the new legal landscape, David’s decades of complex corporate and investment experience in the Cannabis space are invaluable to creating new businesses, negotiating and executing complex contracts and investments, and applying for permits and licenses.

With his much-needed help, the Nevada City office is currently focused on (1) overseeing and developing pre-regulatory compliance for farmers and other cannabis-businesses, (2) corporate and tax strategies, and (3) permitting/licensing where available, in addition to our other offerings.

I’m asking all clients to make sure to set an appointment well before the New Year to ensure they are on track by January 1, 2018, so please spread the word about this valuable new resource in our office. We’re grateful to have David here and, once you meet him, I’m sure you’ll be grateful we have him too!

Much love and respect,
~hb #protectourfarmers #growgreen #cali4life