May 2016

Basil’s June 7th Voting Guide

*** Heather’s Note:
If you’re from Nevada County, you are hopefully lucky enough to know and love Basil McMahon, an inspiring local artist and advocate.  Basil put out his voting guide for the June 7th election, and he’s on such point that I had to share.  See you at the polls!

Basil’s Voting Guide:

Here are my (Basil’s) endorsements for the California primary ballot. This is a voter-guide “cheat sheet” for down-ballot and local Nevada County races, so you don’t have to go out and do the extra research. Investigate. Speak up. Own your beliefs. Question Authority. Always vote, even if you spoil the ballot.
Fight like hell for your right to vote!

Thank you to everyone whose reached out to ask me- I’m honored that you would take my opinions into consideration. Take them with a critical awareness, and a grain of salt. I’m always open to learning, listening, and changing my mind. This time around, the ballot is pretty short, so I added some extra commentary. These are my own opinions and do not reflect those of any organization.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on progressive candidates to support in other races you can start here:


Bernie F*cking Sanders

Never in my life have i felt so proud to be able to support a presidential candidate. This is the kind of moment that defines a generation politically. Back on the day when he announced and I was posting left and right about feelin the bern, I would never have guessed he would get this far. RESPECT. If Bernie wins California by something like 75% to 25%, he could mathematically overtake Clinton in the pledged delegate count. That, unfortunately, is extremely unlikely to happen. Never give up if there’s still a mathematical possibility, but don’t fool yourself of the chances. If Clinton secures the nomination, low information voters and young millenials who have internalized their disenfranchisement and become disillusioned with the democratic process (heres looking at U!) will be quick to look for explanations as to why Bernie diddn’t win- and the most convenient explanations will be the ones that reinforce their worst suspicions about the election process being rigged. My only hope is that enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, the dude who has been fighting from within the system for social and economic justice since before your parents were born, doesn’t turn into jaded apathy and suspicion of the “system” just because the results don’t reflect your preferred outcome. Are you going to give up fighting just because of the results of one rigged primary battle? Bernie wouldn’t do that 2 u now would he. He’s in it for the long haul.

Keep in mind, whoever the democrats nominate will be the last and only person standing in the way of a neo-fascist clown assuming the presidency. Yeah, it blows. Fun times!!
Fortunately for you, California Voter, you live in a safely democratic state, and you can vote for whoever you damn well please come november without worrying that voting for your conscience might run the risk of letting Trump win. Unless everyone else does, in which case, your American Individualism is running right up into your need to vote strategically. I know, i know, its hella awkward.

I will not however, in good conscience, recommend any vote that would increase the chances of a Trump presidency.


Kamala Harris

The current Attorney General of California is running to replace retiring senator Barbara Boxer (D) in a crowded field. The top two candidates will go to a runoff in November. Expect Harris (frontrunner) to go up against Loretta Sanchez, another democrat with less reliable ‘progressive’ credentials (every democrats’ favorite buzzword). Some people jokingly suggest Kamala Harris is the new female Obama. Elizabeth Warren has come out with a full force endorsement. A (relatively) progressive woman of mixed ethnicity in the United States Senate? we could use more of those.


Jeff Gerlach (NPP)

This is our “House of Represenatives” Congressperson seat. District 1 covers the entire north-eastern part of the state. Doug La Malfa, often photographed with his cowboy hat, is firmly entrenched in this safe republican seat. Unfortunately, due to partisan gerrymandering, District 1 is drawn up to be extremely difficult for a progressive candidate to win. Heidi Hall (now running for a Nevada County Supervisors seat) put up a formidable effort against La Malfa in last election cycle in 2014. Watching Hall debate La Malfa during this campaign, I learned that our current House Rep denies the existence of global warming, supports fracking, vilifies the obama EPA and generally personifies the worst characteristics of a tea-party obstructionist in congress. Yee Haw. I also gained alot of respect for Heidi Hall, who spoke persuasively and forcefully for not just progressive ideals, but simple rational thinking.

Unfortunately, La Malfa’s seat is a safe republican seat that no democrat, no matter how centrist, is likely to be able to steal away. Fortunately, that means you get to vote your conscience!

Jeff Gerlach has been a visible and consistent participant at local events concerning medical marijuana and has supported the efforts of the Nevada County California Growers Association. He has endorsed Bernie, stands for many progressive causes and has as good a chance as any unaffiliated candidate to stick it to the man.

— STATE SENATE Distrct 1

Rob Rowen (DEM)

Rowen is the only democrat running against Ted Gaines, the republican whose held the seat since 2011. Gaines diddn’t even bother to show up at a recent local candidates forum, hosted by the league of women voters- and shows his disdain for public deliberation. Jerkface.

Brian Dahle, the republican whose held the seat since 2012, is running unopposed. Write in a candidate. Perhaps “Banksy,” or “Hunter S. Thomson.”



Richard W. Harris

Richard Harris, a local insurance company professional, decided to step into the county supervisor race last minute against Ed Scofield, who is running for his third term in office representing the South County district. It takes a great deal of courage and character to stand up and offer yourself to public service, especially when competing against an established incumbent. I am especially grateful that Mr. Harris decided to stand for office, considering Ed Scofield ran un-opposed in the last election cycle (and did so only months after pushing hard to enact the highly restrictive marijuana growing ordinance of 2012). It was a unfortunate reflection of how poorly organized the progressive opposition was at the time that the community could let Scofield and his favored special interest groups stand unopposed in south county.
Scofield has been a stalwart opponent of medical marijuana ever since i moved to Nevada County. He was, notably, the only one out of the 5 supervisors who refused an invitation from the NC Cal Growers Association to have a one-on-one meeting after measure S failed in 2014. Unfortunately, the loudest and most influential voting bloc in South County is the ASPOA (Alta Sierra Property Owners Association), and Scofield is their main man.

Harris has reportedly been fighting back against a smear campaign, claiming he is a “big time” grower and one-issue candidate. Characters like Sheriff Keith Royal, Supervisor Ed Scofield and Don Besse of SAM have been implicated in accusations of slandering Harris, who recently penned a letter attesting to the fact that he has in years past grown 12 plants- and no more than 12 plants- to support the medical needs of his daughter, who has a debilitating disease.

This all speaks to the courage and character that it takes to put your hat in the ring and stand for local elected office. It is a sad testament to the tenor of county politics that a good citizen’s character would be impugned for simply being a cannabis provider for his own daughter’s medical needs. Dirty politics indeed.


Heidi Hall
Dwane Strawser

In District 2, two candidates are competing to replace retiring incumbent Nate Beason. Regardless of the outcome of the race between Hall and Strawser, the county will be much better off with Beason in the rear-view mirror. He has been an obstacle to progress in more ways than I can count. He played a principal role in pushing through the county’s outside events sound ordinance, which dictates that if you host more than 50 people on your private property after 10PM, you have to obtain a special permit from the sheriffs department. The consternation caused by this contentious edict alienated even some of the board’s more traditional allies, like the vinyards, the wedding industry, and the NC chamber of commerce. Nice work.

Now District 2 (which includes Nevada City and much of municipal Grass Valley) is presented with two very different options for who should take over the vacancy left by Beason. Heidi Hall- manager with the State Department of Water Resources (endorsed by the NC Democrats), and Dwane Strawser- Grass Valley City Councilman and bike shop owner (Endorsed by the NC Republican Party).

There is much ado concerning who is best suited to demonstrate leadership and effectiveness in Nevada County’s open supervisorial seat. In an era of conservative dominance on the county board AKA the Old Boys Club, some suggest that an outspoken advocate for progressive issues (especially if their voice is only one out of five) will be sidelined and marginalized- this is the spectre of political isolation that candidate Heidi Hall is combating. This veiled accusation- that she might be an ineffectual leader because she is outspoken and would be politically marginalized- is compounded by the fact that she is, of course, female, unlike the rest of the cowboys that runs the BOS.

This to me seems to be a classic example of patriarchy operating in the political sphere, which functions to dismiss and minimize the potential of a woman’s competency and efficacy in public roles of leadership traditionally reserved for men. Basically, its hella wack and I personally think that a woman’s voice, and wisdom, on the Board of Supervisors is sorely needed- particularly if that female voice speaks out in support of environmental justice, community diversity and democratic transparency. Mrs. Hall has shown courage and a willingness to be proactive and transparent in stating her positions, including a No vote on Measure W. If she is successful in her election, she will be an integral ally in the cause of smart and effective MMJ regulations in the county.

Dwane Strawser, her opponent, also running for District 1 Supervisor, does not fit into the neat “Republican” box that most people are trying to stick him into. He was recently a democrat, but changed his party affiliation to “Decline to State” shortly before this election. He has been endorsed by the local republican party, and has received a significant amount of funding from a tea-party affiliated PAC called Citizens for Good Governance. He has accepted these endorsements without protest, and it brings up concerns about the influence of money in politics that mirror the concerns clearly evident on the national political scene. Clearly, many on the right think he is a good safe investment.

Strawser has so far been unwilling to take a position on Measure W. This has been a red-line that many in the community view as disqualifying- they complain, rightfully so, that if you are going to stand as a public official, you should at least stand for something- one way or another. He has been accused of not having principles, and of wanting to play each side off the other for political gain.

My sense, after talking with Mr. Strawser about Measure W for some time, is that there is more nuance here than most people are willing to see. Strawser has shown a concerted effort to educate himself on the issue of Medical Marijuana in the county and what I feel like is a sincere intent to engage on the issue with the NC Cal Growers Association. In short, he has been alot more interested in dialogue and problem-solving than Nate Beason. He understands that Medical Cannabis is a big part of the local community and that we won’t be backing off this issue, even if measure W passes. He has shown a willingness to listen and seems sincere in his desire to find common ground to work through some of the problems the community is facing. If he ends up winning the election, he will be a key ally (despite whatever political stripes you want to paint on him) in crafting local policies which provide a regulated path forwards for good stewards of MMJ cultivation in Nevada County.


Yes. I think.

Vote No

Vote Hell No

Thanks for reading. 🙂 ~Basil.