2020 Enforcement (PART 2): Origin Group Law LLP’s Statement on Enforcement Related Services


I have decided to handle the enforcement season differently this year, in that we are referring all administrative enforcement matters to outside attorneys and will not be taking on any new non-emergency enforcement matters this season. While we reserve our right to make exceptions for former cannabis prisoners,  people of color, women and others who have not  had access to the regulated market, we believe our firm’s unique talents are better focused on rebuilding a workable regulated marketplace for California’s legacy producing regions, most notably Nevada County and the Emerald Triangle. 

The last few months allowed us the clarity to realize that I do not enjoy working in front-lines enforcement any longer. As there is no shortage of exceptional attorneys who are excited to take on the novel areas of enforcement law in this New World regime, we’re confident this decision does not harm our community due to lack of legal support, and it offers the best allocation of our firm’s talents.  

We will, however, continue to work on enforcement related policy however and wherever we can, which includes supporting CalNORML, the International Cannabis Farmers Association, and our local trade organizations, such as Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and Humboldt County Growers Alliance, if and when we are asked. 

Legacy-producing regions are in the midst of a culture crisis, exacerbated by prohibitionist land-use policies, fire danger, and a pandemic. Some see these as insurmountable barriers to success (for those with access to the market in the first place). However, I instead choose to see this as an opportunity to figuratively burn down the hyper-regulated and environmentally degenerative model of regulated cannabis production enacted by MMRSA in 2015 and to instead demand the enactment of a system that values family farming, radical inclusivity, and regenerative production models. 

We must recognize and admit our industry (and more specifically, California cannabis agriculture) is dominated by white males, many of whom I love dearly and will forever respect as highly ethical businessmen. However, white privilege is often on grotesque display in enforcement work, as the very rules that allow predominantly white males to “blow it up” in the hills (often using undocumented and other marginalized communities as underpaid laborers) are the same rules by which California’s black and brown communities have been criminalized. The indisputable presence of tired economic tropes imposes upon our community a duty to identify and reform or eliminate policies which have historically excluded most of California’s cannabis community from creating meaningful wealth via California’s cannabis industry

Thus, our firm is renewing its aggressive support of a regenerative cannabis ecosystem that includes people of color, women, cannabis warriors, and others who have historically been excluded from the regulated system. More concretely, I will continue to provide pro bono and affordable legal services to businesses and organizations that support these missions. We will also increase our free/low cost community education resources where we focus on best business practices and–my favorite–transactions (i.e “deals”). 

Transactions, in my mind, are each unique opportunities to create and maintain long term sustainable wealth for my clients and for our communities. Supporting those who–to date–have not had the opportunity to achieve economic freedom in the infancy of their new enterprises is one of our highest honors. We take our role seriously because we understand the importance of their success in the greater scheme of creating generational wealth where it has not previously existed. 

The importance of transactions to the long term viability of the cannabis farming community becomes even more critical when we consider that these specific transactions are for cannabis, a plant which heals the human who consumes it and heals the earth it was grown in. The plant itself will no doubt be an effective tool in healing the broken economic system in which the plant is currently produced and distributed. 

In closing, we are grateful to have a community that supports our good work over the years, and values our authenticity in how we choose to perform it.  

Much respect and please be safe out there. 



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