Heather’s 2020 Wrap Up!


There’s no doubt that 2020 was a tough year in almost every way, though it was a pinnacle year for legacy cannabis farming on the local, state and national level. Here’s a few ways I supported the cannabis farming community this past year:

  • I was quoted in Bloomberg Law regarding California’s terroir-based cannabis appellations program.
  • I was quoted in Marijuana Business Daily regarding cannabis related agreements as a means to increase access to licensure in California’s legacy-producing regions.
  • I was nominated to the International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA’s) Advisory Board, where I also serve the INCBA as Co-Chair of their Advocacy Committee and sit on their Appellations Committee.
  • I served as Chair of the International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA’s) Cannabis Appellations Committee during the state’s appellation regulation promulgation process and, in that capacity, helped organize ICFA’s comments (in conjunction with the Committee Members and ICFA’s amazing Board).
  • I presented on cannabis appellations to two law schools (Berkeley and New Hampshire) and I released numerous in-depth analyses regarding cannabis appellations.
  • I presented to the Bar Association of San Francisco on cannabis contracts.
  • I presented to the Nevada County Law Library on cannabis appellations. (This yearly presentation is coming up again! Check it out HERE.)
  • I presented to the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance (NCCA) twice, once on cannabis appellations and once on cannabis contracts, and I presented to the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) on cannabis contracts.
  • I was named a judge of the tincture category for the 2020 Emerald Cup competition, a huge honor!
  • On several occasions, I offered public comment to the California Department of Food and Agriculture on terroir-based cannabis appellations and their importance to the legacy farming community.
  • I offered public comment to the County of Humboldt regarding their exciting Marketing Assessment that will hopefully serve as a foundation for other legacy farming regions.

Thank you to my community for these fun accolades, but each opportunity helped to shape policy, educate the community, and build coalition for the greater work that is ahead of us in the coming years. In that spirit, here’s what I’m focusing on in 2021:

  • I will continue to draft some most cutting edge agreements available in California’s regulated cannabis industry including cannabis genetics agreements, cannabis-related scientific research agreements, cannabis intellectual property agreements and all sorts of complex cannabis transaction agreements.


  • I am publishing a legal workbook for cannabis farmers in the coming weeks and have a few other academic projects in the works for 2021.


  • I finally began offering intellectual property services!

In closing, it is safe to say 2020 was historic for California’s legacy producing regions. The cannabis industry was designated an “essential business,” legacy farmers successfully organized to support the state’s a terroir-based appellation program, and the United Nations voted to reschedule cannabis (a baby step towards access to regulated international markets).

We continue to change history by writing our own story.

I am proud to continue serving my community in new and exciting ways in 2021.


Heather Burke


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